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Building true progress, not just momentum.

Superior know-how and strong consulting ethics are the basis of our success. As a premium partner with more than ten years of proven industry expertise we are fortunate that we have an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. One reason: We serve our clients only what they need. Another one: We keep our promises.

Our consultants find efficient solutions even for your most complex project scenarios.

Our core values…


Sincerity & Trustworthiness

We adhere to strong consulting ethics.

That's one reason for our exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. In detail this means:

- We commit to the highest level of sincerity, trust and confidentiality in our consulting operations.
- We put our clients first.
- We serve our customers only what they need.
- We remain vendor-independent.

Supstance. We keep our promises.


We think substantially ahead.

Supstance has a reputation for helping companies achieve rapid, sustainable success. We guarantee the highest levels of quality as well as investment and budget security.

Being vendor-independent consultants, we find efficient solutions that are both new and optimal in the long run. Even for your most complex project scenarios. And meeting all technical, economic and political requirements.

We go that extra mile for you.

Supstance. Inventive solutions for ever-evolving businesses.

Superiority & Progressiveness

Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals who constantly strive for excellence and innovation. Bringing together a broad range of in-depth functional and industry know-how.

Creativity and an open mind are for us key to success. And our driving force to deliver outstanding solutions on every engagement.

Supstance. Truly progressive.