University Graduates


Progress your career.
Swift transition into employment.

Supstance enables graduates from IT or related disciplines to optimally prepare for future positions of responsibility. We would like to work with you on a long-term basis. Therefore our aim is to support your personal development goals and emphasize your selective career progress.


What we offer

At Supstance, graduates can take responsibility early on in their career, having the choice of a great thematic variety, working independently and making their very own contribution to customer solutions or research projects right from the beginning.

Every newcomer receives a thorough introduction to the job, our company and clients. A personal mentor helps to make the start easy during the first six months. We will support your individual growth with regular constructive feedback on your professional and personal development.

Your Qualifications

- You have graduated with above-average grades in IT or a comparable discipline at a reputable university
- Strong passion about technology
- Excellent practical software skills
- Professional programming experience with web technologies and C#/.NET or Java
- Relevant software engineering skills
- Good English language skills or readiness to improve
- Good communication skills and teamwork ability
- Creative outside-the-box approach

Should you apply if you do not meet all of the qualifications? Yes, you should. We also appreciate applications from exceptional candidates who do not possess all of the above qualifications, if we see potential we can develop together.

Key Responsibilities

- Familiarize yourself with new technologies, programming languages etc.
- Develop new products and technologies independently 
- Create custom modules for next generation products
- Follow your projects throughout their lifecycle: From concept and idea, to design and architecture, to development, implementation and testing
- Work with experienced software engineers and contribute to the team

Our working languages are German and English. So, do not hesitate to apply, even if you have no German language skills.

Our company's goal is innovation. Curiosity and great passion about technology are contagious! As part of a motivating and encouraging team you will get the chance to grow beyond yourself and reach your personal goals.

Supstance. For a professional career that fully matches your talents.
Do you have what it takes to stay ahead of the curve? Convince us!

How to apply